Belgian Beer weekend te Brussel 2012
Belgian Beer Weekend met de Gulden Draak wereldambassadeur Dale Tiffany
Cheers! @ Belgian Beer Weekend 2012 te Brussel
Gulden Draak Wereldambassadeur Dale Tiffany met Jef Versele
Belgian Beer Weekend
Global Beer Network & Dale Tiffany @ Belgian Beer Weekend
Gulden Draak wereldambassadeur Dale Tiffany en brouwer Jef Versele @ Gent
Dale Tiffany & Gulden Draak
Gulden Draak wereldambassadeur Dale Tiffany
Gulden Draak!
Dale Tiffany @ Brugge

Brouwerij Van Steenberge

Wereldambassadeur Dale Tiffany tijdens het Belgian Beer Weekend 2012 te Brussel

24 september 2012

Enkele foto’s van onze Gulden Draak wereldambassadeur Dale Tiffany tijdens het Belgian Beer Weekend 2012 te Brussel!

Hieronder vind je een verslag terug van zijn ervaring tijdens zijn verblijf in Belgiƫ:

“If ever there was an event in your life that was too perfect to be real…that surreal moment actually happened to me. As if being chosen Gulden Draak World Ambassador for 2012 wasn’t enough of an honor, the accolades which were bestowed upon me in Belgium were unimaginable. From the very beginning of being picked up at the Brussels Airport by Geert, the entire trip was just amazing. The hospitality and generosity of Jef & Theresa Versele was just overwhelming…to say the least. My wife, Gloria, and I were literally treated like royalty; and that’s not an exaggeration by any means whatsoever. Every possible entity of our trip was totally covered by them. I am so humbled by their kindness and warmth that my wife & I have already decided to return on our own next year. The Belgian Beer Weekend was really special and so much fun! And dinner with Charlotte afterwards was absolutely delicious. Brussels is really a thriving metropolis & it’s very easy to understand it’s international importance and historical significance. Then it was on to Ghent. What a beautiful city this is…beyond words. From the dinners,boat rides,hotels,brewery tours,incredible and delectable mussels in Holland & every other compliment we were treated to…it was all wonderful and so very appreciated. When Jef told me I was his guest for five days he wasn’t exaggerating at all. What a remarkable host he is. And also… Andre definitely must be included in our thanks. He was everywhere, catering to our every need with car rides, tours through Ghent & Bruges,and with such polite ambiance and courtesy displayed throughout. I could write a book about this trip…no kidding. In short, I absolutely encourage anyone, man or woman, to participate in the 2013 Ambassador Contest. This is the real deal, to put it mildly. My wife & I will never forget this trip; and I’ve found new friends for life at Van Steenberge and Wondergarden. On behalf of my wife, we want to personally thank Jef,Theresa,Andre,Stephanie,Geert & Charlotte for giving us a “trip of a lifetime”. We miss you all; and we will return again…absolutely. And I promise that I will always continue to promote Gulden Draak and Piraat and Augustijn religiously here in the United States. Thanks again for everything and until we meet again…take care.”

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